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here's how we work with you

We understand that there is never a one-size-fits-all when it comes to diversity and inclusion. By ulising the International Standard for Inclusion as a foundation, we can assist you in assessing your current state and determining the best fit-for-purpose diversity and inclusion strategy and action plan for your organisation.

Our approach can be applied regardless of size and within any type of organisation, e.g., businesses, government agencies, health care providers, the media,  and/or education providers.

  • Research and baseline the current state of inclusion in your organisation 

  • Collaborate with your leaders to identify the business-as-usual practices that require inclusive improvements

  • Empower you with high-priority and high-impact practical actions to drive inclusion

  • Track your diversity and inclusion ROI (financial and human capital measures) over time

  • Provide insight into how your organisation compares with others in your industry

  • Support  your D&I committee or team to brainstorm potential solutions that will work best for your organisation

We utlise a range of different methods to get you on the right path:

  • Online surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Functional and operational reviews
  • Environment and behavioural observation
  • In-depth analysis (baselining,  longitudinal, and benchmarking)
  • Inclusive design thinking 
  • Inclusive employee and customer journey mapping
  • C-Suite and functional leader workshops





Our Leadership Team

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Richard is the Director of Equity Outcomes for The Inclusive Organisation Group of companies. After serving in the United States Army for two decades, Richard commited himself to creating equal employment opportunities for all people. With graduate and post graduate qualifications in criminal justice, public administration, and HR; he has extensive experience in the public sector and implementing inclusion initiatives and programs of work in challenging environments. 

Jill is the Director of Research for The Inclusive Organisation Group of companies. Jill has two decades of experience as a research scientist at world-leading institutions and exceptional expertise in quantitative and qualitative research and analysis. Her career in the male dominated field of science fuelled her passion for gender equality and to improve gender equity in STEMM in Australia’s higher education and research sector. Jill believes it is the micro-inequities that do the most damage – the small, seemingly inconsequential ways in which people are excluded or discounted. Her goal to assist you identify the opportunities for improvement in your organisations through evidence based research and prove the ROI benefit of inclusion.

Elizabeth is the founder and CEO of The Inclusive Organisation Group of companies. After observing first hand the discrimination and exclusion of her husband (who is profoundly Deaf), she was inspired to channel her emotional response into action through the creation of The Inclusive Foundation. Liz is an expert in organisational transformation and behaviour change, with a career focus on assisting businesses, teams and individuals to be the best they can be.  She brings this expertise to The Inclusive Organisation and group of companies as she drives global social transformation. Her mission is to create a world where everyone is included regardless of their perceived differences. 

Like to know more?

Please get in contact with us as we would love to create an inclusive organisation with you.

+61 (0)402 158 261


The Inclusive Organisation is one of The Inclusive Organisation Group of companies and make up part of a global team of amazing people. 

creating Positive outcomes

through inclusion 

35% greater performance from racially diverse teams

41% more revenue generated by teams where men and women are equal

20% of consumers live with a disability and are an untapped market

companies leading the way on disability inclusion are 2x likely to have higher shareholder returns

why we are different

independent and objective



We are completely independent and objective in assisting you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of inclusion in your organisation. We will then work with you to determine your priority areas for action. We don't have pre-packaged solutions we want to sell you that bias our approach.

We forget the labels that reinforce differences and instead focus on meeting the specific needs of all people. We don't want you to specifically focus on one group of people at the expense of others. Inclusion is for all people regardless of specific gender and sexual identity, religious and cultural identity, Indigenous, age, and/or ability.

Everyone on our team is passionate about inclusion and have real lived exclusion experience.

welcome to the inclusive organisation


Each employee brings a set of skills to the organisation. By its very nature, a diverse workforce provides a diverse set of competencies and capability. The broad set of skills and perspectives of a diverse team increases the chance of achieving breakthroughs like new products and services, new markets to address, or new approaches to existing markets.

One of the greatest advantages of a diverse workplace is the host of perspectives it provides. There are often countless ways to solve a problem, but without varied perspectives, most of those solutions aren't always obvious, or even visible. The more diverse perspectives you can bring to overcoming a particular challenge, the more likely you're going to land on a brilliant, innovative, and creative solution.

Why inclusion is important

Building an inclusive organisation isn't just beneficial; it's a major factor of success in the modern business landscape. Organisations that seek, celebrate, and embrace diversity will have several very real advantages over their competitors. But we must be clear, our focus is not just about building a diverse workforce. In order to benefit from the advantages of diversity, your organisation needs to embrace truly inclusive practices and behaviours throughout, as part of business-as-usual operations. If you are successful in doing so here are just some the benefits...

Organisations that ensure they have the conditions in place to celebrate diversity and cultivate inclusion in all aspects of their operations create engaged and productive employees. Employees that feel included and valued yield greater commitment and motivation, translating into increased productivity, and fewer resources spent on employee turnover, grievances and complaints. 

You shouldn't really need an ROI to justify inclusion. But did you know?

and avoiding the Negative Outcomes of exclusion

1 in 10 employees are bullied and on average impacts productivity by 25%

AN EEO PR CRISIS will immediately reduce revenue and STOCK VALUE

up to 90% of contract and tender requests have a social procurement clause

the average employee discrimination judgment is $200k plus legal costs

While including everyone is simply the right thing to do, inclusive compliance and the negative impact of exclusion can also be a driver for change.




An organisation with a diverse workforce has a huge advantage when addressing constantly evolving markets. A major element of effectively addressing a market is building a relationship with the people within it. You’re able to better meet the needs and wants of your consumers if you understand them and can adapt your products and services to meet their needs. Do that, and you have expanded your potential customer base exponentially.

This may be one of the most simple but overlooked benefits of diversity in the workplace. By hiring diverse candidates, an organisation can select from a much larger pool of highly talented individuals than an organisation that focusses on more traditional approaches. That's a huge advantage.




Hiring for cultural fit has been  a popular strategy for organisations, but there's a point at which it becomes a barrier to cultivating diversity and promoting growth. A truly diverse organisation ensures an inclusive culture is the solid foundation upon which all people can thrive within an ever-evolving business landscape.

  • What are the low cost - high impact actions we can take to rapidly make a positive impact to inclusion in our organisation?
  • How do our inclusion improvement initiatives positively contribute to our bottom line?
  • How does inclusion contribute to our employee attraction, performance, contribution, and retention?
  • What specific inclusion behaviours and actions do our leaders and managers need to prioritise and develop?
  • What policies and procedures in our business need to be adjusted to better promote inclusion?
  • What do our senior executives, marketing, comms, IT, risk, legal, property, procurement, and HR departments need to do to make inclusion business-as-usual?
  • What can we do to improve our product and/or service, so we better meet the needs of all customers?

No more guess work

We understand the challenges with knowing where to start and demonstrating positive impact and progress of inclusion and diversity initiatives. Utilising the International Standard for Inclusion, we can assess the current state of inclusion activities within your organisation, describe the diversity amongst your employees, and take the guess work out of creating a strategy and specific action plan to create an inclusive organisation.  Don't spend another cent on D&I initiatives until you know where you are and have a clear idea of where you’re heading.


your organisation SO

everyone is included

and diversity thrives


We find we are most often engaged by:


  • D&I specialists
  • HR Departments
  • CEOs and senior leaders that have taken on sponsorship of D&I
  • D&I Committees and Councils
  • Employee Reference Groups Committees
  • Individuals that have encountered exclusion in their organisation
  • Individuals that are passionate about creating positive change.





We know the tangible things that are empirically proven to create inclusion, and we want you to know them too. We want you to have a clear plan of what you need to do to create inclusion in your organisation, and the ability to measure and track your success. We will not let you waste your money on D&I initiates that have not been empirically shown to drive inclusive practices as part of business-as-usual operations in an organisation.

We can be on the ground with you here (wherever 'here' is) and we can be with you there too (wherever 'there' is). Our team have global experience and our approach and practises apply to organisations across the globe.


We want you to find the best partner to support you in creating an organisation where everyone is included. We know business and we know people, so we are the ideal partners to support you in creating an inclusive organisation in a simple and practical way. We believe our difference sets us apart and we'd love to be included in your organisation's inclusion journey!

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Belinda is the Director of Social Good for The Inclusive Organisation Group of companies.. She is a passionate education activist and 2017 Fulbright Scholar who has dedicated her career to human rights and social change. She is a qualified solicitor with over 15 years experience in the community justice sector and is actively involved in Aboriginal community life. Belinda brings a global perspective to her role as she has travelled the world examining and contributing to holistic approaches to Indigenous education.

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the inclusive organisation Group

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focus on lead indicators

We turn the conversation around and focus on the lead indicators of inclusion, rather than employing traditional approaches that enforce quotas or track numbers of people from a sub-set of demographics at various levels or in particular areas within your organisation.

rapid results

We want to get you on the path to driving inclusion soon, so our approach is purposefully designed to be implemented quickly, without a significant burden on resources with your organisation.

expert approach

We don't do fluffy. Our inclusive research methodology was developed by qualified PhD research experts in organisational transformation and human behaviour.

social good

By engaging with us you will be supporting employment and career development opportunities for traditionally under represented and under employed people via our profits that are bequeathed to The Inclusive Foundation.

Equip yourself and your people with real and practical outcome-focussed skills, knowledge, tools and behaviours to transform your organisation and make inclusion business-as-usual.

We are the charity arm of The Inclusive Organisation Group, and our focus is to work on social good programs that make a real difference for under represented and underemployed people.

Whether you’re after a keynote speaker for an auditorium full of guests or a workshop for a small group, you are guaranteed an event to be remembered with Dr Elizabeth Shoesmith.

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The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015, provides a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future. At its heart are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are an urgent call for action by all countries - developed and developing - in a global partnership. They recognize that ending poverty and other deprivations must go hand-in-hand with strategies that improve health and education, reduce inequality, and spur economic growth – all while tackling climate change and working to preserve our oceans and forests.

We are commited to the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development